Information from an early brochure about the lake.

Lutheran Resort Association. Southern Indiana’s most scenic lake in the foothills of beautiful and famous Brown County.

Think of the most Beautiful Valley you’ve ever seen in this State. Then picture a lake of Sparkling Blue Water in this Valley…..A lake, Mind you that really is a Lake !

264 Acres of Scenic Indiana Beauty with a Lake of 100 Acres, Nestled in The Valley of Rustic Nature.

Facts You Should Know

The land has been purchased and paid for in full for a cost of $7,000.00.

The area has been surveyed by a licensed Surveyor and the site for the Dam has been surveyed and estimates submitted.

This will be a Lutheran Resort, where you will have friends and neighbors who have mutual interests. Your children will meet many other Lutheran children of other congregations and cities.
This is a splendid opportunity for all of us to build a worthwhile project for the future. Just visualize what this will mean in just a few years. Do not be one of the people who will wish they had taken advantage of this fine opportunity.

The LUTHERAN RESORT ASSOCIATION is an opportunity and a challenge to all Lutherans in this generation in this area, to provide our Youth and all other Groups within the church a place where thay can gather for a week; a month; all summer; or all year, for  good Christian Training and Fellowship.

Away from the city, village, or farm in a world of his own,, the Lutheran boy or girl, man or woman, can have countless Christian experiences, that can bring joy and fun to them all.
This wonderful 264 acre Lutheran Resort will splendidly serve all Lutheran from Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Evansville, Columbus and Seymour.
A wonderful location and spot for week-ends and summer vacations for all members of the family.

How can you join???? $500 paid to any of the officers will make you a member and entitle you to a plat of ground with Lake Shore. Call or write to:

Albert Brockelman, Secretry ………………….Seymour, Ind.
Louis Schroer, Treasurer ………………………Seymour,Ind.
Louis Noekler, Vice President…………………Seymour, Ind.
Theo. L. Precht, President……………………..Seymour, Ind.